Sunday, September 5, 2010

How much do I love Josh?

Enough to not call it quits even when it's hard.

Enough to iron his white shirt for church.

Enough to tell him someday he can buy a great big man toy. Something that involves a personal motor.

Enough to fold his clean underwear.

Enough to quiz him about nursing facts that make me queasy.

Enough to kiss him at the grocery store.

Enough to buy free stuff just because it's free, not because we need it. (The man loves nothing as much as free stuff.....well....maybe me.)

Enough to celebrate with him when he loses more weight than I do.

Enough to appreciate him putting the dishes away.

Enough to cook red meat just because it's Sunday.

Enough to teach his offspring things like "oh no! my patella!".

Enough to not tease him for being totally into Twilight.

Enough to stop blogging and rescue the sad sad baby boy from the crib even though he's sleeping right through his turn.

See how happy we are?

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