Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night

Josh studied with a friend.

I made pumpkin bread.

I cleaned.

Thomas boycotted all things sleep-related.

Josh studied some more.

I biked.

Josh studied a little longer.

I worked.

And now we'll both fall asleep watching James Bond. Probably before the credits are over.

What? That's not what your weekends are like?


  1. i think it sounds nice (besides all the studying). how was james bond? or did you fall asleep?

  2. Unfortunately that is what my night looked like tonight.
    Cam went to a workshop
    I took the babies to the park
    I witnessed Stella streaking in the neighborhood
    I met the new neighbors with Stella naked in my arms
    I made mac and cheese
    I cleaned pee out of the carpet
    I washed the pee off a baby in the tub
    I watched like 4 hours of TV
    I played minesweeper on the computer

    Can I have your night?


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