Sunday, September 5, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that windows after dark freak me out so bad that I refuse to get close enough to them to close the blinds? True story. yes, I know I'm a chicken, but I just know that if I get close enough I'll see something I don't wanna see.

Did you know that it's already 8:15am and I haven't showered OR gone to a meeting yet today? Weird.

Did you know that every time I sit down to eat, Tommy crawls over to me, stands up on my knees and begs for food? By "begs for food" I mean slaps my knees over and over with his mouth open while making "uh uh uh!" sounds. Of all the people I've shared meals with, he's my 2nd favorite.

Did you know that I forced Josh to let me buy Dr. Pepper last night? We don't drink carbonation around here because Josh's guts would explode if he did, and it's not good for you so since he doesn't I don't either. Until my head is pounding and I've had more than one "hangover" morning in the week. And my guts are trying to crawl out of my insides. Then I buy a 12 pack and drink 3 cans before bed.

Did you know that a can of Spam is opened every 4 seconds? I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten Spam or seen other people eat Spam. So I just wanna know, who is it that's opening all these cans? Is it you?

Did you know that Tommy giggles at me when I make the elephant sound? Josh does ALL of the other animal sounds, but only I do the elephant sound. And not at church.

Did you know that Tommy still spits and pukes? Not anything like it was, but he still does it. And now that he's fully mobile, it doesn't just stay on the blanket he was playing on. It's a bigger badder deal.

Did you know that for the first time ever in my life I'm terrified for winter to start? I love the snow and gray and cold and normally this where I can't wait for the flakes to fly. This year? I'll suddenly be housebound and what if Tommy doesn't like to be cold? And what if there is snow on the ground more often than not? And what if "They" don't plow my walking trail? What then?

Did you know that somehow Josh is managing his work/school schedule? I wouldn't have guessed it, but it looks like he'll be able to do it all (as usual).

Did you know that I still pray for "everybody struggling with infertility" on a regular basis? Because it still breaks my heart.


  1. I bet you've had spam more than you realize because whenever we come to a family picnic my dad usually brings picnic salad and a lot of the time if we don't have ham he uses spam (and it's so good in it). So of all the picnics (assuming you like his picnic salad) we've been to, I bet you've had it more than five times total. :p

  2. i never eat spam. ever.

    also, i hate windows after dark too. i think it's really weird when people don't have window treatments in their house. freaky!

    boo to winter and cole and snow (after january).

  3. oooops... i obviously meant cold (not cole).

  4. I was just telling Ryan how freaked out I was about winter coming- typically Im all about fall and winter. But when Jayden and I are forced indoors to watch hours and hours of Elmo... Im scared. Also- don't plan on them clearing the walking trail. I USED to walk every day in the winter... and it typically took them 24ish hours to plow the trail... and then there were big block of ice because I walked on it before it got plowed...

  5. Scott bought Spam once because he couldn't believe I'd never tried it before. He ate so much of it before I got home that he through the rest away out of disgust, lol. I've still never tried Spam.


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