Friday, September 3, 2010


Sometimes you get bad news in the middle of the day and your child just has to pull the books off the shelf 25 times to entertain himself.

Sometimes you eat nothing but peanut butter M&M's all day long. And oh how it hurts.

Sometimes your husband comes home to panic with you in the middle of the day and it means he has to work until 9 that night.

Sometimes 2 Advil just won't cut it.

Sometimes you wake up confused and disoriented and unsure of what you're supposed to do today.

Sometimes even though the house is a mess the work is piling up and the stuff isn't taking care of itself, you watch a movie anyway.

Sometimes you're just a tiny bit hung over even though you've never had a drop of alcohol in your life.


  1. Hope your day turns out better....

  2. oh no, do you want to talk? go for a walk?

    feel better. if there's anything you need call me.

  3. This was a little sad...and Amy rarely sounds sad! Hope all is ok. Hang in there, and just know, that sometimes you don't even have to have bad news to do nothing all day long :)

  4. Ah man, I hope everything is okay! Although that part about the PB M&Ms doesn't sounds too bad... ;) No, seriously, hope your day looks up!


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