Friday, September 10, 2010

11 months

My non-baby child has surprised me every month with the things he learns and loves. Just when I think I have him figured out, it all changes.

Here's what we know for sure.

He has 2 teeth on bottom. See?

He's very proud of them. And apparently he's willing to deal with just these 2 for the rest of his life. Because getting others makes his face look like this...

So he quits working on the others and lets them stay under the gums where they belong.

One of the best things about this child is that he eats anything anytime. He's not picky. He's not grouchy. He just eats what he's given and enjoys it.

But then his tray is empty and he rips it off the high chair and bangs on it until I find something else for him to eat. He gets incredibly offended when people eat in front of him, which means he eats anything we eat. In slightly smaller bites of course. He really likes eating off a real fork, but hasn't quite figured out how to use one himself yet.

He crawls like a crazy man and pulls himself up on any furniture, toys, or spare body parts he can get his hands on.

But he doesn't walk. Or even stand by himself. He walks while holding my fingers but if I let go of either of his hands he is immediately paralyzed.

However, he's big on the monkey walk which is current preferred method of transport. Probably because it makes it so easy to check what's behind you. That whole turning around this is much more difficult than this.

This child loves Peek-A-Boo. But he REALLY loves Ultimate Peek-A-Boo. Which is clearly much better. Ultimate Peek-A-Boo requires the peeker to be completely hidden behind something. Usually down on hands and knees. Then the peeker crawls around the furniture chasing after him while he shrieks and giggles until he can't breathe looking over his shoulder every few minutes to make sure the peeker is still playing. It's way way better than regular old Peek-A-Boo.

His favorite past time lately would definitely have to be booking. Not reading so much as booking. Which involves removing every book from the shelf then crawling all over the pile of them a la Rich Uncle from Duck Tales.

See the resemblance? Of course sometimes he gets to work and really studies these books.

Someone taught him how to read upside-down which will probably come in handy when he's in school and turns around to read off the desk behind him.

He's just learning how to play by himself with toys, which makes my life 25 times easier. But he still prefers company in all playing experiences.

He still takes 2-3 naps every day and sleeps through the night, except when his exceptionally fantastic mother leaves the windows open and he's kicked off his blankets. Then he gets cold and wakes up crying with blue lips. Go mom!

Also he's getting hid daddy's toe-headed genes. His white-blonde hair sorta melts my heart. This is where I'd insert a picture of Josh at this age, but his pictures are in Tommy's room and I'm not about to wake the babe. Maybe later.

As of last week Tommy hates lying on his back. Ever. For any reason. This means he sleeps butt-up on his tummy, he prefers to have his diaper changed while he's crawling around in circles, and he bathes only his ankles while trying to climb out of the tub. Fortunately he still loves food enough to lay down for half a bottle at a time.

The past 11 months have brought a lot of changes, but the best one is that I get to see this smiling face every day.


  1. How can you stand that big smile!!?? Oh my...he melts my heart!! 11 months already?? Really???

  2. That is sooo cute!!!! He's adorable Fugal. Well done. :)

  3. Well done, indeed.

    Have I ever mentioned that I love that boy?

  4. happy 11 mos tommy boy! hows about you come over and teach max to crawl one of these days?? :)

  5. I love his two-teeth smiles. I also love Duck Tales. Did you ever see the movie called Mighty Duck? Or maybe it was Robo-Duck. Anyway, it had a robo-duck in it, a bean counter who somehow became this awesome duck whose bottom half was a big tire. I loved that movie...


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