Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that this week was a tiny bit crazy busy? Last night was the first time we were both home before 9pm all week. So we celebrated with a barbecue and games.

Did you know that I finished Mockingjay last week? (Maybe it was 2 weeks ago?) I liked it even though..... Well there are plenty of things not to love about it, but I couldn't put it down and liked it anyway. Now I've started the Uglies series. So far, I'm interested.

Did you know that planning a party for a 1 year old is kindof a good time? At least the looking around and finding stuff that's cute phase of it. When it comes to the actual doing stuff part, not so much I'm sure.

Did you know that Josh is having dinner at his mom's with his whole family while I do church stuff? Totally bites. I tried to trick him into staying home and anxiously awaiting my arrival while chillin' with Bubbah....turns out he's smart enough to realize that if he takes Bubbah to Grandma's house he'll get to hang out, talk, have a real meal, play games, and probably even get to take a nap. Meanwhile I'll be sitting at home anxiously awaiting HIS arrival. *sigh* I want my hubby back.

Did you know that although I've been a legal adult for 8 years (whoa....I'm old!) I still can't walk in heels? I even googled it. There are A LOT of you tube videos showing how normal people walk in heels. And they say stupid things like "relax your hips and knees". Today I'm going to practice more, but the bottom line is that I'm too stupid to be an adult.

Did you know that I was in my 2nd year of college before I every purchased a pink article of clothing? True (and tragic) story.

Did you know that Tommy is now attached to a psycho screaming monkey? I don't let him sleep with it because if you push it's nose it screeches and screams and makes creepy monkey sounds and I don't think any of us need to wake up to that in the middle of the night. The other morning when I went to get Tommy out of bed he had pulled Crazy Monkey off the shelf near his bed and squished poor monkey's face between the slats of the crib. He was mostly hanged in the crib slats. Poor crazy monkey.

Did you know that there are people "out there" who run 40K races? Poor crazy runners.

Did you know that a snail can sleep up to 3 years? Sounds nice eh? If I were a snail, by the time I realized I was still alive Josh would be done with school!


  1. I think I first wore pink around the middle of undergrad, too. I came to accept that just because I wore pink didn't make me a "pink girl" if you know what I mean.

  2. i won a screaming monkey at Boondocks. it has elastic in its "wrists" and you can launch it like a slingshot. pretty awesome. but jill's seminary class broke one of its arms :-/

  3. Ooh, I also loved Mockingjay! The Uglies series is also awesome. I'm into all things dystopian (reading and writing!), so if you need other recommendations, let me know!

    And it's definitely fun to plan a one year old's party! Asher turned one on Friday, but he's been sick so his party was postponed. :( I can't wait to see what you do for Tommy's!

  4. I love you!!! especially for liking me and my hair and my school adventures. I just finished mocking jay and started Uglies... on the wait list for Pretties. We should start a book club

  5. Sounds like crazy monkey needs to disappear...


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