Monday, September 27, 2010

a morning person

I used to have a rule that nobody should talk before 10am.

That rule simply isn't reasonable anymore. And Josh vetoed it the day after we got married anyway. His response when I told him it was too early to talk was: "Good morning! Isn't it a great day? Hey! Let's go play! Come on!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!" I wanna say he jumped on the bed. 

If I couldn't talk to Jess every morning on our run, how would I know what I was missing on TV? And who would fill my head with fantasies of private quiet white sandy beaches in Hawaii?

If I couldn't talk to Josh he'd never remember his lunch. And we'd probably never talk at all.

If I couldn't make my phone calls I'd never get paid.

But sometimes we just need a silent morning. One where I just sit and watch Tommy play. And perhaps follow him around with a camera for your viewing pleasure.

No, he doesn't have pants on. That's because I'm clinging to parts of my non-morning self today. I will speak. But I will not give up my pantsless playtime.


  1. hey--we're doing well at our house if the baby's in diapers. Clothes are completely optional.

    Ad isn't Tommy turning into a handsome young man? I think so. :)

  2. I know this is off-topic, but Wow your carpets are clean!

  3. I missed his cute face at Church yesterday...

  4. That totally sounds like something Josh would say. I say let Tommy play without pants while he can!!

  5. I used to be a supporter of the rule as well. When 10 AM was early, and I had not gone to bed until 2. or 3. Or some crazy hour of that nature. But now I too have converted because really, how horrible would our run be if we couldn't talk?


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