Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When I was in Junior High my dad and I had a very serious very long talk about me getting my first e-mail account. I agreed to give him the password so he could check it anytime he wanted and he agreed to never check it. I think I lied about the password - but he didn't lie, so he'll never know that.

Remember back when Juno was THE e-mail address of the cool kids? I had my own Juno account.

In high school I wanted to be a bit more "professional" and opened a hotmail account with JUST my name as the username. (I was so mature!)

Over time that became my "junk mail account" and now I (and all of my high school friends) are paying for it. Sorry if you got the flood of junk mail the Robot Who Hijacked My Account has been sending.

So I figured I'd just delete my account.

But I can't.

Because somehow somewhere it's tied to a paid service for which I am not paying.

So I clicked the link to take me to my "paid account" and it brought me to a page telling me that "this service (canceling my account) is not an option offered on your account" I would have to upgrade my free paid account (meaning actually pay for something) in order to cancel it. I can't make this stuff up.

So until the nonexistent, uncancellable, paid-for service (that I'm not paying for) account is cancelled I can't delete my hotmail address.

Sorry if we were friends in Junior High or High School. I didn't actually try that "super-secret" drug they found in the rain forest and I don't know if it works and I didn't make a million dollars working from home. Don't click that link.

Instead of deleting the account that I never use, which is tied to a service which I never pay for, I just deleted all of my contacts. Please forgive me.

I've always joked that I didn't care of someone stole my identity because it's about time for an upgrade anyway.

It turns out that I DO care if they hijack my e-mail though. So go ahead, take my identity, my empty bank account, my mortgage, my responsibilities, and heck, if you order in the 9 minutes I'll even throw in my collection of free-sample sized crap I'll never get around to using. But please please please, don't take my e-mail. That's just mean.


  1. I'll have to hunt down the robot and destroy it for you.
    That's lame that you can't delete much for deleting my no longer used account...

  2. You are so funny. Too bad I missed the nine-minute window. Oh well.

    (PS - it's about time you apologized for being my friend in jr. high)

  3. So once upon a time I did the same thing to my hotmail account after having Juno. About a month or 2 ago I got an email about working at home... from my very own hotmail account... which I didn't send. I think it would have taken me a lot longer to find out someone hacked into my account and was using it if they hadn't sent something to my gmail account.

  4. So funny! I started with a hotmail then "upgraded" to yahoo then got a very "personal" email though my dad's company and then to and now I'm with gmail! Funny to talk about email "evolution"


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