Wednesday, September 22, 2010

State Fair

Didn't make it to the State Fair this year? Here's our version.

Waiting in a line to get in.

Yes. You read that sign right. Deep fried chocolate covered bacon on a stick. And there are people in that line!

Josh and Tommy as carrots. Cute no?

Then we found Aunt Cami who was working. 

And then we found Grandma who was working.

And then Tommy sat in the stroller while we wandered around.
Of course the camera died right before Josh some kind of disgusting bird leg to eat. You know when the hyenas attack some animal and tear it apart with their teeth? Picture that. Then count your blessings that I didn't post a picture here.

We also didn't get pictures of the animals. But we did see them, because according to Josh, "that's the whole point! Where are all the pigs?!", and we made all the appropriate sounds (peee-yu stinky pigs!!!)  before trekking back to the car.


  1. They had deep-fried coke at our fair. It must be a fair thing. What deep fried coke anyway?

  2. Just caught up. I can't believe you've even put Tommy on the toilet. Most boys aren't ready until their 3. You're one crazy mommy.


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