Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that it's pumpkin bread season? Josh and Tommy couldn't be more thrilled.

Did you know that my dinner of salad and popcorn last night might have been my favorite dinner of the week? It just tasted so dang good!

Did you know that one single 30 minute nap is enough on the Sabbath? That's Tommy's theory anyway....he's currently testing that theory and I'm trying desperately to prove to him that it isn't true.

Did you know that I go to the post office every single month? It's still odd to me to see how many people still use a post office. I'm just one of many.

Did you know that I really really don't speak Spanish? I took the class in Jr. High. I learned the alphabet and the days of the week. My parents always spoke a lot of Spanish to each other around Christmas time (they both learned the language while living in South America before they were married) so I know important words like "Santa Claus" and "Dinero" but when it comes right down to it. I know nothing. And I can't read it either.

Did you know that I still cringe every time I have to say my name? In Junior High I had some really horrible allergies and I always sounded like the guy on that allergy medicine commercial. So when people would ask my name, I'd tell them. "Abe-ee". (Abe like Lincoln and ee like Eeyore.) And they'd say "Abe-ee?" And I'd say "No, Abe-ee, I mean Abe-ee, argh. I have a cold. I can't say it." And then they'd say "ooooohhhh! Amy!" and I'd say "yes. Abe-ee." To this day I hate to introduce myself.

Did you know that of the 15 decks of cards we own, only 3 of them have Jokers? That's because we didn't know any games with Jokers so we threw them away and let Tommy play with them. Now we know games with Jokers and we always make our friends bring their own cards to game night.

Did you know that there was no major sunburn this year? That is the first time since I had to be a grownup and work inside all summer long. Nice huh?

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  1. Oooh, will you pretty please post your pumpkin bread recipe?? That sounds so good right now! And I actually hate saying my name too. "Jessica" just comes off my tongue awkwardly. I like when Mexicans say it "Yessica" though. I always strive to introduce myself to Mexicans as "Jess" so they'll say my name "Yes". He he he.


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