Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Amy takes a commanding lead

Remember the ongoing lifelong contest that I've been plotting to win this year so I can pull ahead for the first time since 2007?

When I saw this outside

I knew today was the day.

So I waited.

And I watched.

And I strained my ears to hear the "beep beep" of Josh's car (two beeps because he insists on pushing the button twice, NOT because the car normally beeps twice) above the screaming of the baby.

And I waited some more.

And I planned my sneak attack.

And when I saw his car pull up,

I snuck outside barefoot with a naked baby in my arms.

And I gathered up what little snow was left on the dirt.

And I formed the perfect snowball. It was wet and heavy and lopsided (hey, I had a naked baby in one arm, remember?) and gloriously cold. 

And I walked right up to Josh, 

And I waited till he turned and looked at me......

And BAM! (or as the vacuum salesman would say "Goosh!") I hit him square in the chest with it.

And then I celebrated.

While Josh cried like a sissy on the couch.

And just like that, I took a commanding lead.

Final score:
Amy: 3 Josh: 2.


  1. Goosh?!? What a creepy vacuum guy!

    Hooray Amy!!!

  2. lol! I love reading your blog, Amy! It makes me smile. :)

  3. Ya Amy Way to show him who is boss@!!

  4. Ha ha ha! You're hilarious! Barefooted with babe in arms--very impressive! I think you should get a bonus point for difficulty.

  5. Good shot! I closed the blinds and tried to go back to bed.

  6. Points as I see them:

    Remembering the contest: 1
    Planning ahead: 2 (because you've been planning for months, really)
    Multi-tasking: 3 (I would go with two, but this is Baby #1 who is only 3 weeks old!)
    Creativity: 2 (I'm amazed that there was still snow on the ground by the time Josh got home)
    Hitting your target: 2

    You get a "10" for 2009. And a point on the whiteboard.


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