Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sugarhouse Park

Today we enjoyed fall.

It was unintentional really.



Very "Josh and Amy 3 years ago". You know....before we had shows to watch, and sitting around to do.

We had to go to the library to return some books, and to get more children's books. Turns out we only have a few....not 12,000. Josh and Thomas have a lot of reading to do and Thomas isn't really into The Continuous Atonement.

On our way back to the freeway we got distracted by Sugarhouse Park.

How could we not stop? So we went for a very short walk. Took a quick picture (to prove that we're still fun.)

...and let Thomas crunch his first autumn leaves.

He was ecstatic.

If you ask me (you didn't, but you're reading this, so you have to pretend to be interested) it was the perfect afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the company was incredible, the baby happy, the husband wildly attractive, the leaves crunchy, the park green (and red and yellow) and the afternoon delightful. I love days like this.

I love fall and we almost missed it!

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