Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Bath

Since the cord fell off (thank goodness!) we got to give Thomas his first real bath on Tuesday.

Well....he didn't hate it. He didn't scream or cry or whine or kick or flail or beat us. Those are all good signs.

My mom would (sarcastically) say that he was positively frantic. Or delighted. Or he could hardly contain his joy. Or some other very strong positive adjective or phrase.

I'd post the video, but really it looks exactly the same, only it's 30 seconds longer.

I won't lie, I was kindof hoping for a reaction a little


  1. Hurray for the cordless bath time, warm water joy!! No worries, he will give you more reaction and I'm sure you will be video taping many bath times before too long. All of my kids LOVED the bath!

  2. Scott really loves his bath time. We're still bathing him in his small bath that fits over the sink, but he's growing so big we may need to do it in the bathtub.

  3. Oh my goodness, Amy! Your little guy is absolutely adorable! I can't believe we are grown up enough for this stuff...


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