Monday, October 19, 2009

Things that must go

  • The umbilical cord stub. The big nasty bloody scab is freaking me out. Plus, it's the only thing standing between us and a real live splashing-swimming, warm-water-everywhere, bubbles-on-the-nose bath.
  • Breakfast at noon. I want my breakfast before lunch please.
  • Maternity clothes. My real jeans fit, my real shirts look horrible, but they fit cover me and I'm packing up the maternity clothes. Just as soon as I can find a spare 10 minutes to fold both pairs of shorts and all 5 shirts. You wouldn't think it would be so hard....
  • Formula coming out the nose when Thomas spits up. Can't handle that.
  • Daddy. He's going stir crazy and I'm afraid if he stays home one more day he might be as crazy as I am. It would be a bad thing.
  • Non-nursing garments. How does anybody nurse modestly....ever? I go in the other room and pull my shirt and all accompanying layers way up under my chin....NOT gonna happen in the mother's room at church.
  • Hormones. I'm tired of crying, my eyes hurt, my nose is sick of being blown and I'm seriously concerned about Josh leaving me.


  1. Yes, nursing garments are a wonderful thing...

  2. Yes! Yes to all of those things. And when you're done putting away your maternity clothes, will you help me sort through mine?

  3. Nursing in public was like a whole new adventure! Yikes! :) Good luck with that one.

    And good luck with everything!

  4. They don't make nursing garment tops that fit me when I'm nursing. So for the year that I nurse, I wear my bra underneath the g's and just lift them up along with my shirt. Maybe that's wrong, but it's the easiest way for me to feed my baby, so I just really don't care. :)

  5. Amy you make me laugh so hard :) I hated the hormones after giving birth! I'm NOT a cryer which made it even worse. I think my hubby was scared to leave me alone with our kid cause I was such a wreck! And as for nursing in public.... I didn't do it, way too much too handle! I would pump every sunday morning before church so that beckham could have a bottle! I never experienced the mother's room...

  6. I still have a few of those things on my list too. Aiden still spits up through his nose on a regular basis. Not fun. Garments...nursing modestly...I do the exact same thing you do:go in another room and nearly strip. I also just make sure to pump a bottle or have formula on hand for church or date night or anything. I don't even know where the mother's room is at our church and Aiden is 11 weeks old. Granted I didn't got to church the first 7 weeks but that doesn't count... :p

  7. Nursing garments are where it's at, and...eventually you get over a boob flash or two, it comes with the territory. Sounds like you are hanging in there with nursing, how's it going?

  8. GET. THE. NURSING. GARMENTS. They are heaven-made! And nursing gets so much easier (and you will chill about it, because really? What's the big deal?)

    And HOLY COW! You fit in your jeans? Wow! I'm impressed.


  9. Ah, the beginnings of nursing... I remember those days. Fortunately I had a wonderful Sister-in-law that gave me the low-down that it pretty much sucks the first 6 weeks. (Oh and it did! We had a really rough go at it.) It's hard, you're both learning, your exhausted, blah, blah, blah. But honestly, it gets so much better! So, give it 6 weeks, and unless you can come close to filling out a DD bust, forego the nursing garments. I just used my normal ones and wore my bra underneath (It's between us and the Lord on how we wear our garments, right? I felt we had a positive agreement on the matter). I pulled my shirt up (yes, bunchy.. I think some moms are magic.) Then I pull the neck of the garment top down. Oh, and I love the Hooter Hiders. Last tip? Practice a ton with a mirror and your husband to help you figure out if you're comfortably covered before venturing out to the public nursing scene. (If you really want to have some fun. Nurse him around single college age men. They start acting really awkward! lol.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing so much of the first days home with your adorable son. You've brought back a lot of memories from when we brought Miles home from the hospital.

  10. Oh boy! The fun of it all. Nursing garments never worked for me because the layers were just too much to keep folded over under the bra. What worked best was to buy the rounded neck chemise style garment tops. Then I would lift up my shirt, open the nursing bra and then tug on the bottom of the garment top to uncover the "area". The neck is stretchy enough that it pulls down but then it also bounces back into shape when you are done each time so you don't have to worry about the layers of the nursing garments. You might want to try one size larger to give yourself enough stretch.


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