Monday, October 19, 2009

Rough night

Lest you think my life is all happiness and joy.....

It was a rough night.

Thanks to Aunt Nancy I sorta think the cheesecake brownies I ate upset Tommy's stomach - a thought I wouldn't even have considered if she hadn't mentioned it happening to her.

Thomas was up most of the night, he was tired, or hungry, or poopy, or wet, or mad, or hungry, or too tired to eat, or too poopy to let me change his diaper, or too cold, or too hot, or bitter, or angry, or SOMETHING. Too bad I don't know which of those things it was....maybe I could've done something for him.

Every time I ask this kid what's wrong he screams and shakes his head "no" violently. I wonder if that means he doesn't wanna talk about it.

He screamed in his bed, he screamed if I held him, he screamed if I tried to feed him, he screamed if I walked into the other room, he screamed until I gave him a bottle of formula. Then he choked and swallowed and gulped until I thought he was going to drown himself and took it away. Then he screamed some more and acted like he was starving.

Really he probably only cried for 15 minutes at a time, but it felt longer. And he did it over and over all night long - sleeping for no more than 10 minutes in between.

This morning he is completely wiped out.

Me too.


  1. Awe, poor thing (you and Mr. Thomas). Welcome to motherhood. ((HUGS))

  2. So, I read all your posts (I was so happy you blogged so much this week) and I have comments for them all but I don't have the time since it's 12:54 and I have to wake up at 3:15. So let me just say that I loved them all. I laughed and cried. I was so impressed with all the advice you got on the breastfeeding. I agree with what everyone says even though I have no kids. And my favorite comment was when Catherine said she was "secretly held together by Elmer's glue, stickers and soggy fruit snacks". That made me smile. Ü You make me smile. If there was a grade higher than A+ I would give it to you. I can't wait to meet Tommy.

  3. Yes, Welcome!
    I totally went through this. You will(if you haven't yet) cry right along with him:) At least you can nap when he naps during the day, right?
    I'm sorry. Don't throw him against the wall(you might eventually feel like you want to:). Just go in the other room and breathe!
    Imagine doing it with two or three kids! Ugh!
    I'm sorry. I hope you get a long nap today!

  4. Sorry it was such a rough night. I really hope last night was better. Hang in there, Amy!

  5. Sorry it was such a rough night. I really hope last night was better. Hang in there, Amy!

  6. Gotta love the first few weeks :) You should read Baby Wise. Honestly, saved my life! Isaac was sleeping 6 hours a night by a month and by two months he was up to 8 and at 3 months he started sleeping 9 - 10 :) Straight through... no feedings :) Sleep makes mommies so happy!

  7. Baby Wise is a great book...It'll help.

    Make sure you sleep when he does!!

  8. You wanna know the best part? When he does start sleeping all night (and he WILL), you will still want to hold him all night because he is so darn cute, and you STILL won't get any sleep.

  9. Oh good. I was worried your life was too much of popsicles and candy or however it goes.

    Just keep telling yourself, it gets better. It gets better. And also know that not all babies are the same. So if you read baby wise and it works, great. If you read it and it doesn't, blame the baby. ;) But seriously, I have proof. Ryann was so so so so hard and I was a zombie for a long time. Lucy is not and I am not. Same mom. Same practices. But even Ryann got better and better so just know that it doesn't last forever.

    Also, I think Josh going back to work is a great thing for you and the baby. Because although it's nice to have help, it's also a good confidence boost to be left alone and realize that you're still surviving.

  10. I love Katy! (She's very wise.)

    I love Tommy!

    I love Amy!


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