Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Privileges

Being this cute comes with some special privileges, there are a lot of things nobody else in this house gets away with.

  • Pooping in a blanket.
  • Demanding food at 2am and falling asleep before finishing it.
  • Holding hands with every girl who walks through the doorway.
  • Being congratulated for burping, farting and pooping. The louder the better.
  • Getting all of his sneeze blessings. This is how it ususally goes:
    Amy: "achoo!"
    Josh: "Bless you."
    Amy: "achoo!"
    Josh: "Fine then, bless me."
    Not the case for Thomas. He always gets ALL of his sneeze blessings. I'm jealous.


  1. Your baby is beautiful. Or should I say handsome. The point is, I want to kiss his little cheeks :)

  2. All very true... and he works hard for all of those. Sweet little face he's got there. I love that face.

  3. Your baby is so cute!! I love the pics keep them coming!

  4. Ha ha, our house is totally the same way! How can something so small totally take control of our life?!?!?


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