Sunday, October 4, 2009

Threw off my groove or How I live in Spaghetti

Yesterday I decided to make breakfast casserole but had to go to the grocery store for a few* ingredients.

On my way out of Foxboro there was a "road closed to through traffic" sign in the roundabout. Instead of taking a different roundabout exit and leaving the neighborhood another way I knew, I drove past the sign and thought "I live here. I don't count as 'through traffic'."

Then I drove around another "closed to through traffic" sign. Because I live here!

Then another.

And then, to my shock, the road was CLOSED. Like closed closed. Not just "drive around the sign" closed but really closed. For some reason I was surprised. "What? They can do that?"

That's when I started to panic because "How the heck am I supposed to get out of here?" and I started taking random neighborhood roads. I blame Brigham Young for the fact that I think I can pick any road any road and get anywhere I want.

See 9,000 years ago when they settled in Salt Lake Brigham Young said: "Hey, lets make all the roads straight and wide so people can drive on them!" and they did.

Now, 9,000 years later I believe all roads go everywhere and if you miss your turn you just take the next one and backtrack later. That's because when the roads are square, you can do that.

(Want a visual? Go to and type in "200 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT". See the squares? See how every road goes through? See how when you zoom out all you get is more squares? Beautiful right? Thanks Brigham. OK now type in "Center Street, North Salt Lake, UT" and see the pile of spaghetti on the left side of the screen? That's what Foxboro looks like. (most of the chaos is not yet mapped, this is the best example I could find) None of the roads go through, and usually you come out somewhere 5 feet from where you started after driving through a mile of houses that look exactly alike. Except for the color/font of the "Welcome" vinyl lettering on the front door.)

For some reason my poor brain thought I needed to get out of the neighborhood as close to my regular exit as possible so I drove through these random neighborhoods not going anywhere for almost 5 minutes before realizing I could just go to the church and leave the neighborhood on that road.

Sometimes I have trouble obeying signs. And sometimes I have trouble doing things a different way than is normal. And sometimes I get lost in my own neighborhood. And sometimes I make the world's best breakfast casserole. Even if we don't eat until 11am.

Totally worth it.

*Somehow my mom NEVER had to go to the grocery store for anything. She always has everything she could possibly need in the kitchen or in food storage. I don't know how she does it. My list of "a few" groceries was a page long and had a lot to do with junk food for Conference.


  1. I remember your mom having everything. So impressive, wish I was like that.

    P.S. I just found out you live by Rachel and Chelsea Sondrup Sherwood. How cool is that!! I love that I can now think of you and know the area.

  2. It threw us off our grrove too. Unfortunately we were in our truck at the time so it was a BIG inconvenience. But we made it home in the end (using your method of going past the church Ü).

  3. I want the recipe for your breakfast casserole!!!!!

  4. Oh Amy you crack me up! I had the same urge for the 'closed road' but in the end I chose to go around.

    You should be a writer Amy because I love reading what you write everyday!

  5. Now you have a small taste of what it is like to drive in Doha - only throw in a few thousand arrogantly crazed Arabs in Land Cruisers. Hey, I want your recipe too.

  6. No recipe I made it up. Tater tots on bottom. Beaten eggs on top. Chopped veggies in the middle. Bake it till it doesn't look raw anymore. How's THAT for a recipe?

    And Tara - UGH. No U-turns in people's driveways in the truck I'm guessing...I bet you're glad you're obedient.


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