Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real Mail, faces, and friends.

I hate getting the mail.


It's never fun.

It never has anything in it.

Except ads. And bills.

The people want my money.

The mailbox is "way over there".

So I never get the mail. Josh does.

Yesterday I found the stack of mail that Josh brought in, and lookit what there was!

For me!

(one of) My favorite part(s) is this line in the card: "PS I know there is a face on it so just deal with it, OK?"

And now I will explain and clarify my hatred of stuff with faces:

There are creepy faces

(which Josh likes)

and there are cute faces

(which both Josh and I like)

and Josh can't tell the difference between creepy

and not

So he told me I was weird for hating all faces. (which I don't)

And I told him not to buy baby stuff with creepy faces

(like these)
and he told me that not all faces were creepy
(like these)

And I told him that since he couldn't tell, just to stick to the "no faces" rule. 

And that's why everyone keeps apologizing for giving me stuff with faces. But the best part is that the stuff I have with faces is FREAKIN' adorable. And I love it. 

So, there you have it. 

Some faces are cute. 

And some are....well....not.


  1. That is an AWESOME onesie! Homemade?

  2. LOL! You're so funny! I think the non-creepy faces (not counting the last two) are more creepy than the creepy faces. lol

  3. Ummm I don't get the creepy and not creepy rule in your brain. So I'll hafta stick to no faces too.

  4. Yes homemade, my friends are the greatest. :)

    And it's OK if you don't get the faces rule, it's my weird paranoia....not yours.

  5. Josh is a good man letting you post that last picture. Ü I definitely agree that Thomas has a cute face!


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