Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I hate about formula

  • It's sticky. And gross. And smelly.
  • $$
  • There's no such thing as a "half-scoop". I tried. And failed.
  • Waiting for the water to warm up while holding a squirming screaming starving child sucks. I swore I wouldn't let him starve, and even thought it's only 30 seconds, I feel bad.
  • It takes 2 hands to feed a baby a bottle. Or one arm, and a chin to balance the bottle in his mouth....


  1. I agree...it will get easier! (well, the money won't and the smell won't) but the feeding it will! He'll get old enough to hold his own bottle, unless he's like my son and he wouldn't because he didn't think he was allowed to (long story).

  2. Ease him into liking room temperature formula. The quicker you do that, the better. My oldest had to have hers hot (which was a pain when we went anywhere where there wouldn't be water for sure) we had to figure out how to keep that water hot for hours at a time. BUT our second, we got her to go to room temperature (maybe slightly warm) pretty quick and that made things SO much easier.

  3. Oh and there are containers you can buy at the store to premeasure formula (we got several of those to have the full day/nights feedings already measured, meaning less frazzle when baby was screaming at the top of her lungs). THEN we would just have premeasured water in a few bottles ahead of time (to speed that process up). I've also heard of people leaving a crockpot on a certain temp and leaving several bottles in it for overnight feedings... so that the water was a perfect temp and all you have to do is add formula and Wa-La... formula is ready and baby is crying less.

    Sorry for the LONG comments...

  4. it's true but let me give you some tips. Put your crock pot on warm or low and put filled bottles (just water) in them. Then they're ready for you all day warm. Then measure out the formula into one of those plastic divider thingers. Also use a teaspoon to see how many are in the scoop then divide it by half and use measuring spoons to get your half scoop. It gets easier, but here are some pros to formula,

    Someone else can feed them besides you.

    You don't have to excuse yourself or cover up with a blanket every two hours.

    You know if they're eating the right amount.

    You can go on a date longer than 2 hours.

    You don't have to mess with mastitis, leakage, nursing bras, nursing garments, and giant painful boobs.

    Love you big!!

  5. Before you know it, little Thomas will be holding up that bottle on his own. You will cry then too, because it means that he's practically an adult and he doesn't need you any more. Don't worry he does.

    Isn't motherhood wonderful?

    ps - I was always told that the FDA watches the formula industry very intensely, which is good for us consumers. As long as you are not buying formula on Ebay from China, you can buy generic here in the Utah and feel good that is is nutritionally equivalent to the expensive stuff. That is, unless Thomas has special dietary needs.(soy formula or something like that)

    (this comment was edited/censored 4 times before publishing and it's long, I find your life very interesting Amy!) :)

  6. I agree. Rem was on formula as well. The smell is the worst,but after awhile you get used to it.

  7. *The smell goes away. The stickyness...doesn't.

    *Buy it at Costco! They use the EXACT same stuff as enfamil/similac, and it's $18 and lasts us two weeks! Love it!

    *Yeah I hate waiting for the water too... I'm gonna try the crock pot idea!

    *It won't always take two hands to feed. The day that my baby held his own bottle was a GREAT one. Sure it's sad, but at the same time WONDERFUL... Because, he will sit there for a full ten minutes and drink his bottle- which gives me ten minutes to do laundry.cook.clean.facebook.blog.
    Ya can't do all that while nursing! (Unless you're super talented)


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