Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2.85 miles

It was a rough day yesterday, I seriously think something is wrong with my little angel, he was all lethargic and tired but wouldn't sleep (bloodshot eyes are ugly on me, but on my baby....they are heartbreaking). He grunts and growls but can't seem to poop and I'm relatively certain his tummy is killing him.

Every time I set him down he cried, every time I picked him up he moaned and grunted, every time I patted his back or rubbed his tummy he arched his back and howled.

After being up with him since 2:30am, by the time Josh got home I was ready for some help. And a nap.

So I did the laundry, and the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen, and went for a run.

I haven't run or even walked for....longer than I care to admit (or figure out) so I was pretty proud that I did 2.85 miles! And I could have done more, but I told Josh I'd only be gone about 30 minutes. And if his evening had been anything like mine, I couldn't stand to leave him alone any longer. It hadn't. Thomas was asleep when I got home and had been since I left. Is it bad that it makes me mad that he waits for Dad to come home and then sleeps like an an angel?

It felt really good to get out of the house, to move without rocking, swaying and bouncing to sooth the baby (OK I rocked a little....but only as much as you can on an elliptical). It was nice to see that other people more than 20 inches long exist. It was good to do something completely uninterrupted. As in, I stopped because I felt like it, not because Thomas needed me.

If it wasn't so cold outside I'd call my neighbor (hi Eva!) and see if she wanted to go for a walk....but I don't dare because it's a whopping 36 degrees outside, and even if I bundle him up, I think Thomas would freeze.

So here's to walking, or running, or moving, or leaving the house. And here's to my amazing husband who let me.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be back to my 5K a day by Christmas.


  1. Yay Amy! Run, run, run, go, go, go! :) Just be careful about running too much too don't want to hurt yourself. (Not that you would...but you

  2. Heads up, this is going to be a gross comment. BUT when my oldest was having a hard time pooping (because of the switch to formula) our pediatrician recommended that we stick a thermometer ever so slightly in the bum hole. I avoided that as long as possible, but trust me, when we did it made a world of difference. As soon as baby feels any sensation right there apparently they will just start pooping.

    We did have this problem with both our babies after we started formula exclusively....

    Again, sorry its a yucky comment.

  3. Wow my sentiments exactly. I've complained so many times to Tyson about how I couldn't get anything done in the day because Aiden demanded so much attention so on the rare occasion that Tyson gets to tend by himself, Aiden's a little angel and just sleeps the whole time or is content to just sit in his bouncer and talk etc etc. I don't get it and it frustrates me too.

  4. You go girl! That's more exersize then I've done in two years! But I did start going to Aerobics at the church! Katie Caldwell kicks butt and you can bring your kids!

    P.S. Karo syrup in the bottle helps with constipation. But use sparingly. Like one tablespoon in a six ounce bottle once a day.

  5. Amy I'm begging you to NOT exercise until it's been 6 weeks since the birth. Your doctor should have told you that. My mom went for a job after having Jared and totally hemorrhaged she ended up back in the hospital and had to start the recovery all over again. I don't mean to be dramatic but it's not worth it.

  6. All my Dr. said was that I shouldn't do anything crazy hard until the 6 week checkup. Like no training for a marathon. And not to lift anything heavier than my baby. Does it matter that it wasn't a real jog? Just on the elliptical? I might not survive if I can't do ANYTHING for 4 more weeks....

  7. Glad you were able to get a break. Usually "good breaks" only come after terrible days :-( Hope little man's ok. Sometimes it just takes the touch of someone "new," someone who hasn't been around him all day.

  8. Wow, AMY! Seriously!! I wouldn't even be dreaming of walking let alone running yet!! Good for you and time to yourself. Smart girl!

  9. 3 miles? You make me sick, sick, sick.

    AND please be careful. Let your body heal.


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