Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night

It used to mean that we were going out.
It used to mean that I'd get dressed all up - reapply makeup and everything.
It used to mean that we'd spend money on something to do, to eat, or to play with.
It used to mean we "didn't have to" come home until at least midnight and would usually stay up much much later than that.

Tonight it means we:
Stayed in.
Put on our jammies at 6pm.
Wrote thank you cards. (THANK YOU!)
Played a little Wii tennis (I suck. It's embarrassing.)
Ate leftovers.
Moved more furniture (does it count as a hobby if you do it every freakin' night?)
Labeled songs in iTunes
And are currently "watching" Batman (obviously, I'm not watching, I'm blogging). The one with Arnold Schwartzen-whatever as Mr. Freeze. And my secret-crush Clooney as Batman. I can't believe we own this.

I'd say something about how sad it is that we're so old and boring....but really? This is my idea of a great Friday night. This is just the beginning of my weekend of hermitude and I couldn't be more excited.


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