Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Days

Baby Thomas is due tomorrow and already we've survived 10 days. Not bad if you ask me. :)

And in no particular order, here is my top 10 list of happy things from the past 10 days:

  1. Thomas has a habit of peeing every time we take off his diaper. He's peed on the window, the changing table, me, Josh, the Bumbo, the Boppy, and virtually every article of clothing he owns. But yesterday topped it all because he peed on his own face.
    Josh was changing him when he started pooping (have you ever actually seen a human being poop? I hadn't, it's odd.) so I came in to help (see "3 man village" post) while I was scrambling for another diaper to put under his butt while he pooped (the dirty one was already full of poop (Did you know babies poop more than their birthweight every day? OK I made that up, but I can't imagine that it's not true.)) and suddenly there was pee everywhere. Mostly on Thomas's face. The look of shock and horror on his face was priceless. If you could read his mind you'd probably see thoughts like "ew. what is that?" and "rude! I can't believe they're laughing." and "get it off! get it off!" running through it. 
  2. Thomas was only like 3 days old when he first did Josh's crookedy smile. Every time he does it I fall in love with both of them all over again.
  3. A walk to the park counts as "productive" for the day. Forget about laundry, dusting, dishes, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, and being a grown up. We get to cuddle and play all day every day.
  4. Josh likes to remind Thomas that he's lucky. He's always responding to Thomas when I tell him what's in store. Me: "OK Thomas, we're gonna change your diaper and you're probably gonna hate it." (I use the same voice I'd use if I told him we were having candy and popsicles for dinner and sliding down rainbows on a sunshiny day for dessert. It's not about what you're saying, it's about HOW you say it!) Josh: "You lucky boy!" (You just have to hear him say it sometime, it's adorable.)
  5. Josh at home all day every day. I can't imagine him going back to work - trying to imagine both of us going back to work and leaving this child with someone else makes me lose it every time. Anybody wanna pay both of us to sit around at home playing with our baby all day every day? Please?
  6. I've only showered before noon twice since we got home from the hospital. Please don't visit before noon unannounced. 
  7. While we were in the hospital the nursery nurses were wheeling a screaming baby down the hall just as Josh was going to the desk to fax some paperwork to his office. He commented to the nurses that they sure had one mad child. Then they stopped in front of our door and we realized that was our mad child. The nurses had tried everything to calm him down and couldn't get him to stop crying, so Josh picked him up and handed him to me so I could feed him. As soon as I held him he quieted down. He wasn't interested in food, just me. It hasn't happened since then, but that was enough for me to know that he loves me.
  8. Thomas sleeps really well at night - he'll wake up every 3 hours for me to feed him then go back to sleep. Usually.
  9. When he's mad and screaming he clenches his fists. If my fingers are in the right place at the right time he's squeeze with all of his strength (more than you'd expect). I love holding hands with him.
  10. Josh sings and reads more than he ever has in his life.
    He sings to Thomas, he sings made up lyrics to "You Are My Sunshine" he sings Disney songs and Primary songs. He sings in the shower, the living room, the car, the bedroom, and everywhere else. I love it.
    My mom said that by the time a child enters school they should have had 12,000 books read to them (1 per day) and Josh has taken it very seriously. I cried listening to him read "Love You Forever." I also cried when Josh asked if I wanted some scrambled crying doesn't really mean anything. But it is sweet.
It's been a good 10 days.


  1. ohhhhhhh. I wanna see him again, but we're germy. :(

  2. Sweet, sweet boy with sweet, sweet parents! I love you all!

  3. you really are the cutest mom ever!! I'm glad that you're so happy. Luca once peed directly into his open screaming mouth.

  4. I love reading your posts, Amy. They make me laugh, especially because I can definitely relate! I'm so glad things are going well other than the breast feeding. You are amazing for sticking it out! Good luck, and Thomas is gorgeous!

  5. He is a really cute babe! My advice on the peeing, while changing the diaper. I would put the burp cloth over the peepee while I changed my nephews, so they wouldn't pee on me.


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