Thursday, October 29, 2009

I remembered why I hate the Dr.

It's the waiting.

And the anxiety.

And the screaming children.

And the sniffling and sneezing germ infested rooms.

And the waiting.

And the fact that it's my screaming child.

And the response "Well....we don't really know, but why don't you try _____"

And that's after all the waiting.

And the copay.

And the blood and needles.

And the poking and prodding.

And the look of disgust when I don't know my entire family's medical history. (Imagine if they knew I don't even know my entire family!)

On the plus side he (The Dr.) gave us drugs, said nice things and asked me to call back and let him know how it's going in a week. I hope I get to say "poop everywhere, puke nowhere" that would be ideal. Or maybe he'll let me e-mail him a picture. That might be more fun.


  1. Ugh. I hope it works out, literally. Is Thomas backed up and barfing? Poor guy!

    (Side note - I have an awesome story about suppositories and being a first time mom, let me know when you want to hear it)

  2. Amen to that. Lola just had her 2 month shots today and I cried more than she did. Plus, can't they do something about that smell? Seriously.

  3. Amy that stinks!! sorry that he is sick! Keep us informed...and call me when you need me to come and rescue you! You have my number right???

  4. Yeah doctors aren't as fun as you might think judging by the bill.

    I sure hope the medicine helps his acid reflux or whatever it is. Love ya!


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