Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pre-Baby List

There is still quite a list of things that have to happen before Baby Thomas can come - but it's growing shorter every day....
  • Buy a crib? Check. It's beautiful.
  • Take a nap? Check. Must check again and again.
  • Take full advantage of "pregnancy cravings"? Check. (Ice cream and french fries for lunch today....mmmmm)
  • Buy a Diaper Geenie or Diaper Champ or some kind of diaper disposal system. Any advice? NOT checked.
  • Attend a 6 week course on "how to have a baby". Checking. One more week and we graduate. So far my favorite movie quote from this class is: "Most women can agree that labor contractions are uncomfortable; however, when you understand why you're going through this experience it can actually be a pleasant experience." Seriously. The lady said that. In her calm, soothing "breath out slowly" voice. Stupid lady. And who's the idiot who didn't agree that labor contractions are uncomfortable? Stupid lady.
  • Clean every surface in the house, keep all laundry clean at all times (just in case), sanitize all clothing, toys and bedding. NOT checked. But it's all counting as one item on the list so I don't feel so bad about it.
  • Attend one more baby shower with the baby in me. Scheduled for Saturday.
  • Finish effacing, dilating, dropping, and start contracting seriously and regularly. Unfortunately this is all up to Baby Thomas and I have zero control over the situation.
As we get closer I know there are more things I need to do, but my instinct is to nap as much as possible because I know I'll never be able to again. I want to hibernate not nest. Is something wrong with me? What else am I missing? What things do you wish you did one more time before your life changed forever? Technically I still have 2 weeks, so I should be able to do a lot of "one more time" activities....


  1. You want this---> We've had 3 different ones including the diaper genie and that one is the ONLY one that didn't stink. It's the BEST. :)

  2. Jason bought me a Diaper Geenie when we lived in an apartment in Midvale. I was so excited. THEN I learned that it's not that great, still stinks up the house, and was a big long snake of stinky poop diapers when it was all done. GROSS! Just take the garbage out once a day.

  3. Go see MOVIES, lots of movies!!! Paul and I hang out w/ friends all the time, we go out to eat...but I have seriously seen 2 movies in the theatre since Hallie was born, we used to go every weekend! Crazy!

    Oh and I'm emailing you something, please don't think I'm a wacko--thought it might be helpful. :)

    He will be here SO soon!!! YAY!!!

  4. Diaper champ, all the way. Not only is it fun to play with, it's a whole lot less of a hassle than the Diaper Genie. Of course, they may have improved the Diaper Genie since my sister's experience like a decade ago...but from what I hear they stink up the place and you have to buy specific bags for them.

    The Diaper Camp uses regular trash bags and the smell really doesn't escape.

    Truthfully, both are fun to play with...but in the end I'd rather have a trash bag full of diapers than a diaper sausage. could have ours if we knew where it was. We stopped using it when we switched to cloth diapers...

  5. Also, I like looking at your ticker better than mine and just imagining that your ticker is my ticker.

    Now that I'm in the teens, too, I'm not quite as dreamy when I see your ticker...but you're almost to the single digits. Stink! :P

  6. I just use a small trash can with a grocery sack in it. When he was just nursing I would just change the bag once a day. When he started on solid foods he starting pooping only once or twice a day, so I just change it every time he poops. I just tie the bag up tight, and it doesn't stink.

    Not as cool as the other things, but its easy and its cheap.

  7. I like my diaper champ too.
    And, YES, that woman's description of labor is so off that it's laughable. I gave birth naturally to JJ and 'uncomfortable' is not how I would describe it. It is painful, but you just have to remember that every other mother on the planet has done it, and you can too!
    You're almost there!

  8. Diaper champ - you don't have to buy the "special" (Special = expensive) bags, you can put any bag in it...and it doesnt stink. If you want him to come now, stop getting ready for him. Apparently the less ready you are for baby, the earlier they come. :) (example #1 - KC)

  9. AMos--we have the diaper champ and we like it a lot. It is nice because you don't have to buy special bags. I haven't noticed a big stink problem with this yet, but Gracie is still nursing. It could get worse soon. Sorry we missed the shower Sat. I have had a gift for you for months, My mom is going to take it to your moms. Best of luck!

  10. I prefer to throw all the diapers in the garage, then take then to the garbage can outside in one of two scenarios a) if I happen to go anywhere that day or b) when Nick comes home and is blown away by the horrible smell and has no choice but to dispose of them. Mostly I end up going somewhere and take them to the garbage can with me, plus I generally love my hubs and prefer not to stink him out when he comes home.

    3 kids and we have never owned a diaper thingy for whatever reason. We survived.


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