Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lessons in Motherhood: Laundry

When I got married my laundry loads quadrupled. Suddenly I had all of my clothes, all of Josh's clothes and about 10 times the whites I had before. I thought I'd never do more laundry in my life.

I was wrong.

Now the way I do laundry has totally changed.

I used to be the laundry-sorting nazi (according to Josh). I did different loads for lights, darks, nice lights, nice darks, whites, towels, cleaning rags, denim and delicates (also according to color).  Then there are special loads, like sheets. Nothing goes with sheets, except more sheets. And massage sheets don't go with bed sheets because they have oil on them.

Josh thought there were two loads. Stuff with white on it (lights), and stuff with no white on it (darks). I made him promise to not start loads of laundry until he learned how to sort it properly or waited for me to sort it first. He has been kind enough to comply.

Now I'm sorting my laundry by what kind of dirty it is. "Covered in bodily fluids" (bodily fluids includes pee, poop, spit up, barf, drool and milk) and "not". It doesn't matter what it is, towels, blankets, shirts, burp cloths, denim, onesies, work clothes, play clothes, sheets......

Guess which one I do at least 1 load of every day.

If you guessed "not" you probably have no babies. There are currently 2 articles of laundry that have avoided the bodily fluids - my bathrobe and our bedsheets.


  1. You shouldn't have said anything about the sheets and the robe. Your special wood to knock on is not near you, and now you've jinxed things! Great goin'.

  2. Babies do require a lot of laundry don't they? I would like to say that it get's better but that would make me a liar. Eventually, you just become really used to doing it, so in that regard it get's better.

    The one thing that did change is now my kids are able to help put the laundry away. They actually think it's a privilege, especially hanging the shirts on hangers. Raising little slaves is the best!

  3. :D Things like that just make our mom seem like more and more of a superhero.

  4. It's only a matter of time before the bathrobe gets it!

  5. yup, you're definatly a mom now :-) good luck keeping up with the laundry.


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