Friday, January 6, 2012


I think we've established that I suck at meditation.

But I have been kicking the Yoga booty this week.

That's because I don't have $50 to give to Josh.

Also because I really like doing yoga with my oldest sister, Sarah.

Turns out that a guided personal session with someone you love on the back porch with the sun shining on your face in a beautiful place.......

........ is not the same as a 10 minute Netflix video in your messy living room with a 2 year old "I helping!" the whole time.

So yesterday in an attempt to distract the toddler, I told him he could do it with me and even laid out a "yoga mat" just for him because he loves to do downward facing dog ("I see you!"), and he REALLY loves to lay on his back and lift his legs straight up in the air. 10 reps for him is nothing, but the counting to 20 is difficult, so he usually maxes out somewhere around fer-teen or nineteen or snenenteen (in that order).

Either way, he was excited to "seh-ser-size mommy!" last night.

I left the chocolate on his face because I thought it wouldn't be very zen to make him scream right before out workout.

Man I love that kid.

Just 3 more weeks in January.....and Josh has dared me to do at least 1 session of meditation during the month. We'll see if I take the dare.

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