Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Love Note Ever

I've always been attached to my daddy.


My daddy has a gift. The ability to make people feel loved in an incredibly powerful way effortlessly.

I remember snuggling into his shoulder/armpit while he read me stories until we both fell asleep.

There are probably 10-15 primary songs that he sang to me a thousand times in a row, and now they're the only songs I can think of when I'm tucking Tommy in. And I can only hear them in his voice.

Every time I go home I get a "Poppi Hug" that makes me feel like I'm still 7 years old and he's fixing everything that's wrong in the world.

He bought me roses one Valentine's Day when I was in high school. He brought them home to me when he brought some for my mom. And in that moment I was certain he loved me every bit as much as he loved her.

He helped me do a million things, has given me a million things, and taught me a million things and I love him for all of them.

But today I love him because he writes the perfect love notes.

I e-mailed him saying that I didn't know what I'd do without him.

He responded beautifully and simply: "Nor me without you, so lets not even try it. lovepopi"

And for the 10,000th time, he melted my heart. 

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  1. Your dad is the best! I remember very well his "babe" snuggling with him on the couch!


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