Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Her Garage

Our old neighbors moved out a few months ago.

Then we took over their driveway parking in it all the time because we're too lazy not to.

Then our new neighbor came and asked us to get the heck out of her driveway, please! introduced herself. I sheepishly confessed we were driveway thieves, but only because we hate to see a good thing go to waste and we'd knock it off now. She was sweet and kind.

She was also cleaning out the house, so I ran into her 3 or 4 times over the next 2 days.

Then she disappeared.

Then our friend saw her moving stuff into her house out of UHaul.

Then she disappeared again.

Then we saw some guys coming to lay carpet.

Then she disappeared again.

So I asked Josh if he thought she really lived there or not. Did she just buy the place as a cover to sell drugs? Or a hideout from her drughouse? Or perhaps a super-secret-storage-unit for her drugs? You should know she looks almost exactly like every other 30-something year old woman in the great state of Utah. She's probably going to be the next Relief Society president. 

Josh asked why I thought she didn't really live there.

"Because her car is never there and I never see her there either!" I explained in my best talking-to-a-kindergartner voice.

"Maybe she parks in her garage." He said in his best you think you're so smart, but really you're an idiot voice.

Now that he mentions it, I'm definitely hearing someone pounding nails into their walls over there...it's probably her. And not a drug dealer.


  1. Oh so funny! I'm not from Utah and Utahins are so weird to me because "normally" NOBODY parks in their garage. It's quite an unusual tradition if you ask me!


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