Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Thousand Times A Day

When we took the doorknob blocker off Tommy's bedroom door I discovered that I could boss him around.

He starts to come out of his room when he should be napping and I tell him to go back in there and go to sleep and he does.

I tell him to stop dangling that heavy object above his brother's head and he does. (Eventually.)

I tell him to eat his peas and...well sometimes he does. Other times he throws them on the floor.

Anyway, I tell Tommy what to do pretty much all day long.

"Now we're going to get dressed."
"Eat your lunch."
"Time for a nap."
"Put the car at the TOP of the ramp and drive it down."
"Color like this."
"Blue blocks go on yellow ones."
"Don't eat."
"Don't sleep."

And every now and then I throw in a really stupid one - just for good measure.

"Don't eat any more chocolate candies or you won't have room for cookies."

Really, I said that. And THEN realized that it's stupid.

So now I'm wondering - how many things am I making him do that really make no sense. And naturally I'm wondering about the dumb things you make YOUR kids do, just because you accidentally said it out loud and then had to follow through.

Please share. Ready? Go!


  1. the worst for me is threatening something terrible (like you can't go to your cousins house to play if you don't eat your dinner) when you were mostly going over there for some hang out time with another adult while the kids entertain themselves. but of course once you say something to a 4 yr old you have to follow through... and punish yourself too.
    yeah, i learned to give myself time to think of punishments before i just throw the worst one out there that i can think of at the moment. :) love the no more candies to save room for cookies one though. :) hilarious!

  2. I have tons I am sure. Like every time I say no, I wonder is it worth saying no? Why am I saying no? Its usually about me and not about them. A couple weeks ago though, I said to Gwen, "Can we please stop acting like children now?" Hmm....yeah that was interesting one to think over!

  3. There was a 90-something woman in our ward who was complaining to the bishop (my dad) about something that her daughter had done. She said, "Why can't she just act her age?" Suddenly she realized what she had just said, burst into giggles and said, "She's 70 years old, and I'm still telling her to act her age!"

  4. Amy, I just love your posts. They are so witty. Hope you don't mind me keeping up with you. I found your blog on Katie Phelps' blog. Anyway, My kid is 1. I pretty much just say "no no" all day long. Now he responds to it. If we are at the store and there is another mom saying "no no" to her child, he looks over and smiles as if someone is speaking to him. Wow! I must use it way too much.


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