Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Crib

I left Tommy in Josh's care for no more than 5 minutes and this is what he had to show for it.

Things you should try not to notice:
The dust flying everywhere. Nobody has touched that crib since Tommy got a bed.
Tommy's unbuttoned shirt - he stuffed some cars and balls and dinosaurs down his shirt and couldn't get them out, so I unbuttoned him and left him unbuttoned for the rest of the day.
Tommy trying to blow the dust out of the air. Seriously, the crib was dusty.

Since Daddy and Tommy spent their time dusting off the crib for me, I figured I ought to put it to good use today.

That's why John is sleeping in his crib right now.

A month ago I don't think I was confident that John would ever sleep. Period. Much less in his own crib in what can now only be referred to as "the boys' room".

In other (and much more exciting) sleep-news.... John slept ALL through the night two nights ago. Last night he woke up at about 3, but I suspect that had more to do with the state of his diaper than the state of his stomach. But now that I've blogged about it I fully expect him to wake up at least every hour tonight. I hate it when I curse myself.


  1. That video is absolutely adorable!!

  2. Haha Tommy had me laughing my head off! What a cute little nut! Love it.

  3. Me and my boys thoroughly enjoyed every second of that!!! So cute. And I couldn't see one speck of dust flying. Maybe I needed to enlarge the video? Until I read the post I thought he was trying to whistle and couldn't cause he was laughing too hard... :)

  4. I thought he was trying to whistle, too. Regardless, the girls and I laughed till our cheeks hurt.

  5. Yep! Totally made me smile!!!

  6. That video is just too cute! Congratulations on getting him to sleep. Have you tried warm milk with him? I've heard it helps.

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  7. So cute! Lilia totally thought it was hilarious too. She keeps saying "again! again!"


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