Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Bought A Hat

On the third straight day of undone hair, I caved and bought a hat.

This is a lifetime first for me.

Once when Josh and I were dating I wore a beanie to the grocery store. He inadvertently told me that I look like a man when I wear a hat. In his defense I was probably wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, I'm fairly certain my hair was pulled back and there was little to signify that I was a woman.

I've avoided hats like the plague since then.

But I figured if my sisters can pull off hats, I can too.

Verdict's still out on the man-look....but that hasn't stopped me from wearing my new hat. 


  1. Cute hat. I think it works. :)

  2. Cute hat. Cute Amy. The only man in that picture is the little one admiring his beautiful mommy.

  3. YOU'RE ADORABLE. And I'm not just saying that. It's the honest-to-goodness-I-swear-on-my-iPhone-truth. (Or my Kindle. You choose.;))


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