Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can't Get Up

I thought I'd take the plunge and do the hardcore "yoga burn" section of the video I've been doing. I won't lie, it looked hard in the little preview, and considering that the "flexibility and relaxation" section is hard for me I figured yoga burn would do me in.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I was pretty easily keeping up with her.

Until the last move.

Deep knee bend until you sit yourself down on the floor, roll back then using your abs lift your legs up into the air (I'm good until this point). Then roll forward and stand up. (Without using your hands.)

I suppose I blame the pregnancy for the fact that I can't stand up like a normal person.

After months of getting out of seats belly first, I have totally forgotten how to stand up.

And now it simply isn't possible.

But on my first try I didn't know I couldn't do it, so I tried.

I thought the momentum from the rolling would simply lift me into a standing position (like it did for the lady in the movie!), but it only lifted me like 2 inches off the floor and I came right back down on my booty, legs in the air.

I had fallen and I couldn't get up.

I'm gonna be the most awesome old person EVER.

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