Monday, January 23, 2012

Walking the Plank

We were watching a show about pirates, and they had to walk the plank - so I thought it would be fun to practice walking the plank with the boy.

I showed him how once and I guess I over-exaggerated the "whooaaa!" factor. Because this is what he did every time.

Then we got out a longer (and therefore better) plank. And Tommy continually reminded himself (and me) that "A pirate says 'arrrggg'" while he walked.

Then each toy (balls and animals included) had a turn to walk the plank.

Man I love this kid.


  1. How adorable/funny! How funny that he keeps saying "a pirate says arrrgg" just to get his arrgghs in there! You are such a fun mom!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha! I love it! "a pirate says arrrg!" Bahaha!

  3. You are awesome to catch this on video! What a fun plank...gonna have to do this at my house. Don't you just love Backyardigans? Lucy's always yelling out, "What do you do with a scurvy pirate? Make them walk the plank!" arrrrr


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