Sunday, January 1, 2012


I read somewhere that instead of making goals for the whole year (which would inevitably be forgotten and boring by about March, someone made 12 monthly goals. They scheduled all 12 and wrote them on the calendar and then worked through them as the year went on.

Since 30 days of commitment is much more reasonable than 365 in my world, I stole the idea and have some exciting goals for the year 2012.

I asked the general population (er...facebook) what their goals were for 2012 and I have to say I'm impressed with my friends. They are doing some pretty incredible things and I secretly hope that I do cool(er than this) stuff too. But for now here is my schedule of goals.

January - Meditate or do yoga 4 times / week. Each "session" must last at least 15 min.
February - Track every penny we spend (even "free" money)
March - Run a 30 minute 5k
April - Spend 10 minutes in prayer daily
May - Write in a gratitude journal daily
June - Study the atonement
July - Read 2 GOOD books (not trash books)
August - Enter a challenging race (secretly I hope this is a sprint triathalon or something that sounds equally cool - but I'm hesitant to commit to something that intense since I have no idea where we'll be at this time of year. More school? new job? new home? still in survival mode - as I feel we are now? maybe a 1k walk with both boys will be a challenge in August....we'll see...)
September - Give away something significant
October - Attend the temple 6 times
November - Cook 4 dinners/week
December - Teach Tommy a new skill

What are you doing this year?


  1. What a GREAT idea! Awesome resolutions.

  2. I also love this idea and it helped me change how I do my resolutions this year. Turns out I'm great at making lots of lists but not so great at committing to a time frame!


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