Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Date 1: Dinner & A Movie

Josh's big Christmas present from me was a year's worth of pre-planned pre-paid dates.

There is 1 envelope per month filled with the necessary gift cards and explanation of the plans for our date that month.

So because January is Josh's birth-month I thought I'd cater to him a little bit.

I already knew we'd do dinner and a movie because there are a few movies out that he wanted to see in the theater. Also because there are a few things I know he'd like to eat.

OK Mostly just meat.

Also I knew we'd get some meat for free because it's his birthday. Thank you Tucano's Birthday Club

Since school doesn't start for another week, we thought we'd take advantage of a Tuesday "weekend" and go see a movie in the middle of the day then do dinner after. Besides, that would get us home to our boys by bedtime-ish.

Doing things in the middle of the day is my very favorite thing in the whole wide world. Nobody else is doing them because grownups have jobs. And I love doing things when nobody else is.

I started getting ready to go at 11am so I (and the boys) could be ready by 3ish.

After feeding John one more time, we were finally ready to go at 3:30, but Josh swore I looked nice enough to make it worth the wait.

I guess that much hasn't changed - he still doesn't mind being late.

We dropped the boys off at Stella's house, where Tommy was thrilled to play with her new Christmas presents (coolest. kitchen. ever!) and John was thrilled to be held by someone who would feed him no matter what time it was.

Knowing that our boys were in the best of care and the clock was ticking, we headed out for our hot date.

We saw the newest Mission: Impossible with something about a ghost in the title. They don't put numbers at the end of Mission Impossible movies anymore because it would be embarrassing to say "part 9,483". But I'm not going to lie, I seriously loved the movie. It was ridiculously unrealistic, but just close enough that I could pretend he really did survive being hit by a car THAT many times.

Josh and I used to be the couple at the back of the theater all snuggled up together whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears through the whole movie.

Now we're the couple at the front of the theater so we can put our feet up on the rail. We laugh out loud when it's funny and groan loudly every time Tom Cruise smacks his face on something (a lot). I ask questions out loud "Wait - so THAT guy is the bad guy?" and Josh asks me to repeat them because he's half-deaf and the movie is LOUD.

Maybe I like empty theaters because I'm obnoxious and I don't like it when angry mobs come after me. Sorry mob.

After the movie we ran over to Tucano's because
1. It was freezing in the theater and we wanted to eat warm food as soon as possible.
2. We were on a timer. Remember I'm nursing my baby? Josh was on strict "watch the boobs" orders because I don't trust nursing pads. I put on my coat before leaving the restaurant and not because I was cold. Have I mentioned lately that nursing is hard? It is.

After a lovely (if slightly rushed) dinner we raced home to our boys and put them to bed.

6 years ago we would have watched ALL of the credits of the movie and sipped our drinks until the wait staff kicked us out the restaurant. We would have wandered around the mall after dinner because there might have been someone playing a guitar somewhere. We would have driven home trying to hit every red light because the longer it takes to get home the later we get to stay out. We might have made it home by midnight. If we hurried.

Last night we were home with both boys asleep in bed by 8:30 so we could do dishes and laundry until we were too tired to stand.

I like to think we're just more efficient than we were 6 years ago.


  1. Okay. For the record? I'll watch your boys ANYTIME you need a sitter. I'll come to you! ALL the way up there in North Salt Lake. I'll even do your dishes. I've told you once and I'll tell you again: there are simply not enough babies in my world. Share the wealth, why don't you?

  2. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but this post was a great reminder to me of why I need to just live in the moment, and be grateful for the "extra" time I'm getting in this stage of life! I love that you did the year of dates! That is a lot of pre-planning, I'm super impressed...I couldn't do it!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I've wanted to do the "year of dates" for Corey for a couple of years, but my planning isn't up to par and I've never pulled it together. I'm glad you guys got to go out alone and have fun, I'm sure it was much needed. And way to go on slipping present #2 in there for josh with the strict "watch the boobs" order :)

  4. Mal - I have it in writing and I'm not kidding, I'll hold you to it! We have 11 more to do this year and I've lined up child care for exactly zero of them. :D

    Steph - I TOTALLY know what you mean. and yes, you should enjoy it, but that doesn't mean "extra" time is fun either. You feel sorry for me and I'll feel sorry for you and we'll both be glad for the blessings we have - deal?

  5. Oh Aub - I am DYING laughing!!! Yep. Happy Birthday Josh - you be on the lookout for leaky body parts. :D And Merry Christmas too.

  6. Yay for a movie and dinner! Sounds just right to get home in time for bed. I hope you wrote down some of your date ideas for when I need to rip them off next year.

  7. I hope you blog about every single date because I was planning on doing this for Tyson this year (thanks pinterest) and even had a few done, but then I forgot to finish. So if you blog about yours I can just copy my favorites to fill in the gaps of mine!


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