Thursday, November 24, 2011


I thought I'd already discovered everything there was to be grateful for by now. But just like the last time I had a newborn at this time of year, I'm finding a whole new list of things to be thankful for that I never thought of before.

So I give you:

Things I didn't know I was grateful for (Part II):

  • Nursing pads. Because it's more than a little awkward to wander around with wet spots right there.
  • A bassinet. I remember coming home from the hospital with Tommy thinking "wouldn't it be cool if the hospital gave you that plastic tub on wheels to take home? That thing was cool." this time we're borrowing a bassinet from friends and it turns out it's the same thing. And it IS cool.
  • The "beep beep" button that locks the doors on Josh's car. I realize I'm like 20 years behind the rest of the world on this, but using the key to lock the doors on my car hasn't ever really bothered me until now. I have to walk around to the wrong side of the car to get out the other child and then walk back around it again to lock the car. Dear Car Thieves, Just because my doors aren't locked doesn't mean you can steal my car. OK? Love, Lazy Mom
  • Front. Load. Washer. I might have thought I loved it when we first got it, but I had no idea what love was back then.....
  • Johnathan (yes, we're spelling it that way. yes, I know it's weird (now).) John. Johnny. 
  • Tommy as a big brother. He's getting sweeter and nicer every day. (And a little meaner too.)
  • Nursing. But I also hate it OK?
  • Curious George 2. Likely the only reason Tommy hasn't run away from home.
  • The lady at Cookie Cutters who gave Tommy his first real haircut today. Mostly that she didn't laugh at me when I said "well, I sorta want to be able to spike it on top, but not on Sundays...can you cut it like that.......except on Sundays?"

Of course I'm also re-grateful for all the good stuff:
  • Family
  • Food
  • Epidurals
  • Church
  • Naps
  • Health
  • Maternity pants on Thanksgiving
Anything new on your gratitude list this year?

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