Tuesday, November 22, 2011

See Jane

C. Jane & Hillarye were both due the same day as me.

My baby has already gone from this:

To this:

Hilarye's baby rocks a full head of fluffy hair after she bathes. Isn't she adorable? I'm betting she's already been through a round of shots with the Dr. and is on some kind of schedule because her mom is wonder woman and she's OLD. (Like 2 months old. SO old!)

C. Jane's baby is still baking.

Someone please explain to me how that's possible and/or fair?


  1. oh my heck. that is not fair. Poor C Jane! I hope her baby is pleasantly advanced for all her extra time pregnant! also, randy has a theory about this but...it's not really one we repeat in case P.L.'s are in earshot. And they are.

  2. You are funny. I am NOT superwoman! If you saw me most days you'd realize that! And can you believe C Jane? 3 weeks late. Yeesh.

  3. Whatever I am so not super woman. Trust me. Most days I just wing it because there's nothing else you CAN do! and C Jane- 3 weeks over? I was actually kindof jealous....


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