Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leaf Lamp

I thought we ought to do something festive and fallish now that it will be winter tomorrow. 

So Tommy, Johnny and I went for a walk to collect leaves. 

It was cold and windy and started snowing while we walked back home. But Tommy just wanted "More! more! more!!!" It figures that by the time I get around to celebrating fall, it snows

Every time a big gust of wind came he stood in the middle of it trying to catch his breath and watching the leaves fly by him.

After pressing the leaves in Josh's old school books, we started gluing them to the inside of the big glass jar so we could have a leaf lantern like the cool kids here.

Tommy was probably a little young to be really interested in gluing the leaves to the jar, but he sure was a fan of the dipping.

The good thing about Daylight Savings is that it got dark plenty early for Tommy to enjoy the glow (which the flash on the camera ruined) until it had been glowing and casting cool shadows around the room for more than 2 seconds at which point he blew it out. 

Still, I'm calling this activity a smashing success. 

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