Saturday, November 5, 2011

snowball battle

Cheap shot.

That's how the annual First Snowball of the Year Battle ended this year.

We're counting it only because, as we determined last year, it's impossible for me to win without the benefit of a cheap shot.

Remember how I just had a baby and my sense of modesty is long long gone?

Well, there I was using the restroom, which is now a 10 minute process, when Josh barged back into the house after rushing out the door to his racquetball class clearly having forgotten something important.

Something important = literally catching me with my pants down and throwing a snowball at me. TMI? Sorry.

In his defense, he didn't do it 4 days ago when it really was the first snow of the year and I wasn't even 24 hours into my maternity leave. Probably because he was scared of all the nurses.....but maybe because he didn't wanna hear about the Cheapest of all Shots for the rest of his life.

2011 score:
Josh: 4 Amy: 3


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