Saturday, November 5, 2011


People said Tommy would grow up overnight....and in some ways he did. But in other ways he's still just my teeny tiny baby boy.

Tommy still wants to sit on my lap
Tommy still wears footie jammies
Tommy still finds my kisses magical
Tommy still loves his lovey bear
Tommy still does what we tell him to
Tommy still naps
Tommy still curls into my body in a way that only a baby can

So although his legs are suddenly as long as his whole body used to be, and even though he talks and walks and laughs and has stopped going by "Baby Tommy", he's still my teeny tiny baby boy.

He's just the bigger better version.


  1. "As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."
    All four of my kids are still my babies, always will be. Although my 9 year old is getting awfully hard to hold. He can almost pick me up. It's amazing how quickly our babies grow! Give some hugs and kisses to your babies from us too!

  2. How sweet! Hes a big boy now and a big brother!


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