Tuesday, November 8, 2011

an eventful day

This morning I shared my concern about Little John's lack of poop with my mom. (2 days with no poop?!) She was equally concerned. Which is why we both nearly did backflips when he pooped this morning. Then we giggled like school girls when Josh started changing his diaper and he pooped again. And again.

The bonus pooping led to another sponge bath for Little John. Which bath is clearly the reason his cord stump fell off a few hours later - now he needed another bath.Thanks Murph The real kind this time just because now we can. I hate hate hate the stump and was extraordinarily relieved.

The feeling of relief must have motivated Tommy to learn to open doors and come out of his room a handful of times before falling asleep tonight. A mom of two boys is only allowed to feel relief for a few minutes you know. And a mom whose boy has just discovered the ability to escape from any room feels decidedly un-relieved.


  1. Aiden used to only have poopy diapers once every two or three days and I asked the doctor about it several times but he said as long as it's not making him miserable then it's fine. So just be glad for not having to change poopies every day!

  2. I had to laugh a little. I hate the stump too and was so happy when JJ's fell off (they kinda scare me a little). Tommy will soon learn to go to sleep again without coming out a lot.


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