Sunday, November 6, 2011


Earlier this year I found an awesome deal on a costume and I didn't care at all whether or not Tommy would be into it. I just bout it and decided that's what he'd be for Halloween because I liked it. 

Lucky for me, Tommy likes things that go "ROAR!!!!!" and he thinks it's funny to wear a hat. So he was perfectly happy.

We (and every other person in the entire state) went to Boo at the Zoo on Saturday with my little brother.

Tommy caught on to Trick-or-Treat very quickly and became crazy attached to his pumpkin. He still wants to take the pumpkin everywhere we go and greets us every morning with "tit-o-teet" (yeah...go ahead, laugh it up. We do.)

Little Brother and his family were dressed in Snow White awesomeness. That's because Little Brother had the good sense to marry someone amazing.

After fighting the crowds and seeing only the best animals, we called it a day and came home. 

That evening was the ward Halloween Party, which is.....amazing.

We start with trunk or treat for the little ones (and maybe their moms too....)

Then we head in to eat the entrants in the chili/cornbread cookoff and play carnival games and gerenally let our children run wild while we sit around talking to each other. 

Tommy traded his dragon-ness for the companionship of the devil. 

And fortunately (for me) Brother Tate was willing to set up these cans roughly 9 million times and let the kids stand right next to the table to knock them over. Set them up. Knock them over. Meanwhile I stood there marveling at his ability to bend over and stand up effortlessly.

Max (red dragon) and Tommy were born the same day and sometimes I think they're exactly the same kid. Everytime I think I'm doing something cool and new with/for Tommy, I find out that Ashlie (Max's mom) did the exact same thing on the same day for Max. (Like his totally awesome ball/carnival birthday party.) Fortunately Ashlie is awesome and took a picture of the boys in virtually the same costume.

Every year our Bishop sets up an incredible spook alley. I mean INCREDIBLE. I only took one picture of this creep because before this I was busy clinging to Josh's arm and screaming at the people who kept jumping out at me. Seriously. I screamed. 

The 12 year old boys who followed us through here liked telling me what was coming next. 

"That guy will fall asleep if you'll just hold still for a second" they lectured me. 
"If I hold still for a second the grim reaper will come and chop off my head!!!" I didn't shout back. You know...because of my incredible self control.

Turns out it was a good thing we celebrated Halloween in all the best ways before the actual holiday since we spent the real day getting Little John.

Good times.


  1. Amy, How sweet! This will be the family memory you will never forget! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wondered if you guys had enjoyed the pre-holiday at all. Glad you guys had fun!

  3. Oh he's such an adorable green dragon!


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