Saturday, November 5, 2011


When Tommy was born he was whisked away to oxygen and Dr.'s and monitors.

My first glimpse of him was this picture on the tiny camera screen.

When Little John was finally born (anybody else think a halfborn baby should NOT be the Dr.'s cue to say "stop pushing"? Me too. I didn't. (stop pushing I mean)) they put him on me right away and rubbed him down cleaning him while I looked straight into his perfect little face.

There simply aren't adequate words for this incredible feeling.


  1. I want the full story lady . Every last bit. I am so happy that he is here :) And even more happy that your desire to breastfeed is being met. I breastfed Isaac for 9 months and it was great. (I totally feel you though on the being glued to the kid thing). With the foster babes I didn't breastfeed obviously... and honestly, I felt jipped. There is something to be said of that bond. Even if you only can do it for a day or a week or a month - I think it reinforces that 'I'm your Momma' feeling. So amazingly happy for you and your growing family!


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