Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things Which Double As Burp Rags

When Tommy was only 3 weeks old I hadn't learned yet that everything we owned would be covered in his spit up eventually anyway and I was still trying desperately to keep everything that was not a burp rag un-burped-on.

Now that I'm all wise and stuff, I am completely aware that everything I own will be a burp rag eventually anyway. And so you get a list.

Things Which Double As Burp Rags:

  • Blankets - they are LITERALLY the exact same thing as the burp rag - just bigger. Which is better when your kid is a spitter. 
  • Bibs - why I ever thought bibs were for meal times is beyond me. Bibs are for spitting.
  • Shirts - John's shirts, my shirts, Tommy's shirts......
  • Placemats - OK I didn't intentionally use our placemats as a burp cloth, but Johnny did. 
Huh, I wouldda thought that was a longer list. Turns out I don't own that many things made of fabric.

1 comment:

  1. ha, ha, ha. I use anything in range too. Blankets are good, and good for runny noses when you accidently leave without something better too.


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