Friday, March 2, 2012

Worth It

Worth It: Waking up at 5:30am to go grocery shopping without the kids.
Not Worth It: The amount of exercise required to burn the calories in ONE Berry Ice Cream Oreo. Curse you  and your stress buying while picking up the stuff I forgot JoshEgbert.

Worth It: Fighting over Rock Paper Scissorsing for who has the change the diaper. I win, Every. Time.
Not Worth It: Winning rock paper scissors for a soggy diaper.

Worth It: A Kindle. I'm in love. For real.
Not Worth It: $38 for a fabric Kindle Cover? Yeesh - I'm gonna learn how to sew. Like now.

Worth It: Driving to Lindon to spend the day with the sisters and the cousins at Grandma's House (or as Tommy calls it "The Park").
Not Worth It: Staying up past bedtime. Ever.

Worth It: Snow clothes for everyone.
Not Worth It: Waiting all winter for a storm.

Worth It: Pistachios.
Not Worth It: Hazel Nuts.


  1. Oh, but those Oreos are soooo good!!

  2. We totally rock, paper, scissor it EVERY TIME. And I always win as well. The power of motherhood, right there...

  3. I'm making a Kindle cover this week. If I'm successful, I'll offer to make you one. I'm holding out to see before I extend this offer though.

    1. Um, I'm gonna go with guaranteeing you are wildly successful! :D And then you can/should tutor me.


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