Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Travel Blog part 2

Tidbits which may or may not become full stories later.

Tommy is convinced that this place is heaven. For a few good reasons. (a) Daddy is ALWAYS home. (b) rocks. So. many. ROCKS!!!! (c) ice cream for dinner. nuggets for lunch.

Tommy is equally convinced this place is hell. For a few good reasons. (a) no Blue's Clues. (b) no calling grandma (c) no macaroni for lunch. He has said more than once that he just wants to "go home. 'oni lunch. buh-loo's cuh-looo's. high chair. pwease?" My child loves our regular routine.

We eat breakfast every morning with an audience. Who knew my kid was so loud?

We swam outside today. There may have been more chlorine (or was it bleach?) than water in that pool. John screamed his guts out and now has a nasty rash. Please don't tell the DCFS guy in our neighborhood (Hi Luke!)  that our baby was thrown in a pool of chemicals - because it wasn't on purpose OK? Also don't tell him about how we jaywalked with our infant and toddler across a very busy road. I told Tommy to "never never never do this no matter what!" while we did it - that negates the stupidity. Right? Also Josh pointed out that we did NOT get there's that.

Jimmy John's thing is "freaky fast delivery". We voted that it should be "freaky fast delivery: because it's not worth waiting." We have all kinds of theories about sandwich shops that I'd like to share....but maybe this isn't your obsession. Is it?

Hiking with two babies and zero backpacks = two tired parents.

Splash pad & rock pool in March? Yes please.

I think the Mormon Missionaries judged us for making our kids go to so many of their tours when they clearly wanted to throw rocks instead. Listen mormon missionaries. You can only count how many rocks we've thrown up to 10,000 and then you have to go somewhere else and talk to an adult!

Josh and I signed papers and finished up our refinance the day before leaving town. Then we did it again the day after leaving town. And the next day. And the next day. And the next. Our insurance agent, loan officer and title company are all on speed dial and they answer the phone "hi Amy". We know where the closest notary, printer, and overnight-shippers are (something the hotel staff does not know) and the people at the temporary fed-ex office would likely run the other way if they saw us walking down the street. There are people all over this city who have likely heard an earful about "why the heck is that even ON the settlement statement?" because I've been shouting about it for nearly 48 hours. Please bless that our last signing really was our last.

And finally, if we ate everything in St. George that was recommended to us, we'd likely have to roll ourselves home. But I'll(or is it all?)-be-darned if we didn't try anyway.


  1. Oh my heck, I should have given you our awesome hiking backpack to take with you on this trip!

    No Blue's Clues or macaroni? Poor Tommy!

    Okay, I was not impressed with Jimmy Johns either. Ryann really wanted a sandwich while the rest of us ate at Pizza Hut (they're neighbors you know) so we got her one and it was more expensive and not as good as a Subway so now we know. Just go to Subway.

    Sorry about the paper signing thing. :( That really stinks.

    I'm concerned about the pool situation. Did anybody else get a rash? I hope it's not too bad! I hope they fix that for you. It's funny because the pool we were in there didn't smell like chlorine at all and I wondered if there was some new less-smelly chemical that keeps pools clean these days. huh.

  2. I'm so glad you are in St. George!! I'm glad that you are having fun and eating cupcakes too! I had to go the fed-ex kinkos in St. George to sign and send our final offer on our house..or some important form like that! It's true, the hotel doesn't know where it's at, I had to google. Good luck! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Okay, so maybe I'm just tired and I missed it, but are you moving to St. George? Or just refinancing your home?

  4. I don't like Jimmy Johns either. I'd much prefer Subway. Okay, really I preferred Hogi Yogi...but as that is not an option anymore...

  5. ha! you make me laugh. i really think our neighbors are scared of luke. you're not the first person to mention it... rest assured that luke is super awesome and not scary, nor watching out for things that parents are/aren't doing. :) i know you were joking but seriously, i hope you aren't nervous! he sees some REALLY CRAZY things. things that would even make not so great parents look super great. also, i'll have you know that he got a new job (still with dcfs but diff. department), he is no longer a social worker (and so glad for the change)! yay!
    ANYWAY, i want to see more pictures of what you guys did in george. and the places you ate! i like jimmy johns because i think the bread tastes fresher but i don't like that they don't have very many options and you don't get to choose what your toppings are (like other sandwich places).
    i personally am very glad you're home now. playgroup last wednesday was kinda sad without you there. you're always one of the first people i look for. :)


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