Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and after a surprise change in the people I serve with at church (new presidency! not new secretary.) I have no meeting today.

But I have plenty of other church work to follow up and catch up on.

Plus about a thousand pictures from our week in St. George to look at, delete, rotate, tag and file.

Plus a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a sink full of dirty dishes.

Plus a two-year-old who will likely die if nobody wrestles with him soon.

And beds to make, dinner to cook and tables to clear off.

Not to mention work. (Which I refuse to do today- so I suppose that's not really a choice.)

But don't forget that today is Sunday and my brain thinks that we (Tommy & I) must make (and eat) something delicious (and sweet) today.

And it wouldn't hurt me to finish reading that book that expires at midnight that I'm nowhere near finishing. *darn you digital library and your no renewal policy!*

Today is Josh's last day of Spring Break - meaning that starting tomorrow there will be zero days off until graduation. No days off work. No days off school. Not even weekends. So a (very large!) part of me thinks we need to do something awesome and exciting and fun. But he just wants to nap. (I blame the fasting...lousy fasting.)

So you see, I'm torn. What to do? Who to do it with? When to begin?

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