Monday, March 19, 2012

Travel Blog

Travelling makes for some incredibly awesome blog stories.

I could tell you about the drive down when I looked in the rearview mirror to see Tommy picking his nose in his sleep with both fingers.

Or the part of the drive when Tommy had a meltdown because his "fingers! dirty!!! ooooh no!!!!! sticky! help mommy! help!"

Or the part when we checked in at the hotel and Tommy immediately jumped on the beds until he realized he was the only one doing it, then started looking for Stella.

Or when we went to the Mongolian restaurant and the nice old lady scared the bejeebees out of my kid. Then cursed me in a foreign language because no matter how many times she told me to, I refused to balance my infant (in his carrier) precariously on the chair. Josh informed me (after nearly 5 minutes of her trying to explain to me that I needed to move him up there and me saying "no thank you") that part of mongolian culture is not putting babies on the floor. I was being incredibly disrespectful. Oops. Sorry nice old lady.

Or the part where we went swimming (Johnny's first time).

Or the many many battles we've had over whether or not it's time to stop throwing rocks at trees. Tommy votes no. Everybody else votes yes.

Or the sweet potato fries dipped in marshmallow sauce.

Or the hotel waffles for breakfast. (When I'm rich and famous I will definitely own one of those machines.)

Or the mortifying tantrums my child throws in public. And the people who think I should be significantly more embarrassed than I was.

Instead I'll just say, we're only 2 days into this vacation and it will only get better from here.


  1. Sounds like a fun and crazy vacation. I really do love the lady at the Mongolian place. She adores Porter's red hair and dotes on him every time we've been there... sorry your experience wasn't as great. Hope the rest of your week goes better!

    1. It really had been lovely! and the lady was SUPER nice - I just didn't know I was being quite so offensive and couldn't understand why she kept insisting I put John up there. The food was delicious and everybody doted on us, it was a GREAT experience, we'll likely go back later in the week. :D

    2. It is really yummy food there, did you like the sweet potato fries? Those are one of my favorites!

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  3. yay for vacations! sounds like you are having a nice time. did you get the 25 main cupcakes (after 7 for $1)? hmmm trying to think of what else you need to do... go through the dixie crack? eat at the pizza factory just because everyone swears its better there than here... haha. i heard the new gap outlet is great but haven't been yet. there's a small hike/walk up in snow canyon that little ones might like (turtle wall and chuckwalla). and i also heard that chicago was/is in town at tuacahn... hasn't really been confirmed though. enjoy!

  4. Happy vacationing! Gotta love kids at restaurants and kids sleeping in the car. I hope you're all getting some relaxation. Love ya!

  5. sounds wonderful-- every bit!

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