Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stop Crying Johnny!

Tommy is starting to become quite the conversationalist.

He is honing his speaking skills and using more full sentences and having conversations more than one response long.

And my favorite of his current "go to" responses is "oooohhhhh cool".

Tommy: "dis at?" (while pointing to the thing he wants to know about "what is that?")
Me: "A giraffe."
Tommy: "A giraffe? oh!"
Me: "A giraffe."
Tommy: "oohhhhh coo!"

Me: "Whatcha doin'?"
Tommy: "watchee show! A bear! A show! Look mom, a-look!"
Me: "cool show."
Tommy: "ooohhhhh coo."

I can see his brain working and putting things together and it's so much fun to watch.

Another favorite is when he talks to or about Johnny.

Tommy: "I kiss a-head mommy! I kiss a-Johnny head!"
Me: "great job - did he like it?"
Tommy: "Johnny happy mom! Johnny so sad, Tommy kiss a-head. Johnny happy!"
John: "waaaahhhhh!!!"
Tommy: "uh-oh. Johnny sad. More kissing!"

But this morning took the cake. I set John down on the floor and put Tommy in his high chair for breakfast.

John (naturally) started crying.

Tommy put on his very most patient voice and loudly (without shouting) said "Stop cwying Johnny. Stop cuh-wying!"
Johnny: "waahhhh!"
Exasperated Tommy: "Uh. Johnny. Don't cwy. Stop cwying Johnny. Oh Johnny. It's OK. I luv-a you."
Johnny: Ridiculous giggles. The kind he only gets by tickle torture before bathtime.

Tommy really has become quite the helper and protector for his little brother. He insists on things happening in the right order by the right person.
First Johnny needs a bath, then and only then Tommy can have a bath.
Mom and Dad are the only ones allowed to hold John. Or look at John. Or talk to John. Or talk about John. Tommy panics when other people get too close. You know - like on the same planet.
When we wake up John in the morning, Tommy has to go in first and try to climb in the crib saying "Good MORneeen John" before I'm allowed in the room. It works out well since John is already smiling before I come in.

These brothers are adorable with each other, and I'm infinitely glad that they have each other.


  1. Aiden said "cool" too and I love it. I'm also loving the language development and the best is when he talks to other kids. We should get together again so Aiden and Tommy can have a conversation!

  2. Ahhhhhh. I love how protective Tommy is. Parenthood can sure be fun!


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