Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Kind of Dinner Date

On our first day in St. George we went shopping.

And I discovered that they have a Brick Oven there.

"Josh, we HAVE to eat there sometime this week. OK? I love Brick Oven and haven't been in like forever."
Josh shrugged. This early in the vacation we had ALL KINDS of time and no agenda. So he agreed to pretty much everything.

Then we got a whole bunch of recommendations for other places to eat, and spent much more time at the other end of town and wound up doing stupid things like grabbing sandwiches in a hurry because we were dirty and didn't feel like chasing our dirty kids around a sit down restaurant.

So the day before we were leaving, we still hadn't eaten at Brick Oven.

We hiked,

and picked up rocks,

and played in the splash pad.

So we were all fairly filthy. And a tiny bit sunburned. So we went back to the hotel for a swim. Which was (for the big boys) awesome. (For the mom and babe, it sucked. We left after being in the pool for no more than 4 minutes.)

I sortof demanded that since "you promised!" we eat at Brick Oven that night. But it wasn't a hard sell.

So we quickly showered off and got dressed and got in the car.

Sunglasses, wet hair, fresh sunburn, shower and the smell of chlorine still lingering. My very favorite way to dress up for a hot date.

There's just something about a wet-hair dinner I love. I can hardly wait for summer.

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  1. cool!! was that the chuckwalla hike in snow canyon? was the carousel open at the splash pad? looks like you had a nice vacation, hope you got everything you hoped in. :)


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